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Dombivli, a developing city in the Thane District of Maharashtra state, is also known for its cultural values and active youth participation. Although the city is benchmarked for its values and cultural activities, it is also known as one of the dirtiest and second most polluted city (2016) of Maharashtra.

Understanding the gravity of the problem of pollution and cleanliness in the city and taking the responsibility, few youths of Dombivli joined hands together to fight against it and make Dombivli a clean and Green place to live. Inspired by the "Seva" (service) philosophy propagated by the great warrior monk Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), the team has commenced with the Swachha Dombivli Abhiyan (SDA) in April, 2018. SDA was formed as step towards cleaning our area and preserving our mother nature ultimately benefitting the society.

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Area of Work

Understanding the problems and requirements of the city the team derived at the key cause of pollution – NO PROPER WASTE MANAGEMENT. In order to create awareness among the people and provide different solutions to them the team focused on main two categories of waste management.

Wet Waste Management

Wet waste can be easily broken down and eliminated at its formation itself. Team SDA, strives to provide guidance through its seminars and individual consulting at different levels of the society.

Dry waste management

The team conduct seminars that provide easy solutions for segregation of different types of dry household waste and its proper management. A key step towards dry waste manage is forming a chain of Scrap collector/ recyclers (Bhangarwala).

Post on 25 May 2020 / Administrator
जैवविविधता पूरक देशी झाडं - डॉ महेश गायकवाड, पर्यावरण तज्ञ, बारामती

वड - उंबर - पिंपळ - नांद्रुक - पिंपरण, जैवविविधता पूरक देशी झाड!वटवृक्षाप्रमाणे, पिंपळ, उंबर, पिंपळ, नांद्रुक, पिंपरन ही भारताची जैवविविधता सांभाळणा...

Post on 25 May 2020 / Administrator
मधमाश्यांची बदलती जीवनशैली - डॉ महेश गायकवाड, पर्यावरण तज्ञ, बारामती

मधमाश्यांची बदलती जीवनशैली – काळानुसार करतायेत अधिवासात बदल – जगण्याची लढाई मधमाश्या नष्ट झाल्या कि चार वर्षात मानव नष्ट होईल अस म्हटलं कि लोक ...

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